Hello! I'm Kendra. I write fiction, poetry, and marketing copy. They're all more alike than you might think.


I live north of Boston, and I'm also quite queer. I'm most interested in topics of counterculture and all the beautiful ways people resist social norms. My current project is a contemporary feminist remix of Thoreau's Walden.

Kendra Mack

More About Kendra 

I was born and raised in Dover, New Hampshire and graduated from the University of New Hampshire. I'm a content manager and copywriter by day, a fiction writer by night, and a poet 24/7. When I’m not writing, I’m usually reading, cooking, sewing, or cleaning gravestones.

I'm a big fan of libraries, coffee, walking, museums, drag shows, empathy, education, and ambiguity. Oh, and change. Change is good. 


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