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Apple Picking @ Russell Orchards

There are two quintessential autumn activities in Ipswich, Massachusetts — the Marini Farm corn maze (see previous Wandering) and Russell Orchards apple picking. People come from all around Boston to partake in these seasonal New England traditions. In one weekend, Aisha and I managed to beat the crowds at both farms. Hurray!

It was a perfect day for Russell Orchards. While the orchard shop was packed with people waiting for apple cider donuts, Aisha and I went straight to the orchards (Tip!: Come prepared with cash, and you can bypass nearly all lines!).

The trees were full, and we were on the hunt for good baking apples for an apple crisp. The apples that were in most demand (fewest left) were Honeycrisps. We tried eating one of those, but they were just ok? Kind of watery? After exploring and tasting the premises, we found that our favorite were Jonagold apples. Jonagolds are sweet and can grow really big. We filled our bag with half of those, a quarter Cortlands, and a quarter Macintoshes. There were so many fruits to choose from, it was almost overwhelming!

When our bag was full, we returned to the farm riding on the very back of a hayride. We passed pear trees (no partridges) and blackberries and strawberries and all sorts off fruit orchards. It was a fun show. Back at the farm, we said hi to the animals. Ducks, chickens, turkeys, donkeys. The farm shop was still busy so we called it a successful day.

OH, and the apple crisp turned out SO good! :)

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