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Slime Party

What better way to celebrate a birthday than by making SLIME?! This was Rachel's awesome idea of a birthday party theme. We gathered at Lynda's First Period house, but stuck to the kitchen to prevent sliming any of the historical furniture.

So, as turns out, making slime is grosser than I thought it was going to be, but also quite simple! The essential ingredients for slime are Elmer's Glue, water, and diluted Borax. Mix one-part glue with one-part water. Add the diluted Borax from a cup slowly, until you get your preferred firmness. Some folks' slime turned out sticker than others, depending on the amount of Borax poured. From there, folks experimented with adding all sorts of interesting stuff. Some ingredients included: 

- Shaving cream (for puffier slime)
- Foaming hand soap
- Corn starch (for stiffer slime)
- Essential oils (for smelly slime) 
- Soap dye
- Glitter
- Gel beads
- Eyeballs  

For my slime, I stuck to the basic glue/water/borax combo. I wanted it stretchy, but not sticky, and I was pretty pleased with the result. I also added blue soap dye, glitter, and Rose essential oils so my slime was sparkly and smelling good. I only gagged a little bit. :)

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