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Currier Museum of Art

  • 150 Ash Street Manchester, NH (map)

This year Katie and I celebrated Sister Day by visiting the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, New Hampshire. Melting rugs, sad clowns, blue trees… the Currier has it all!

The special exhibit on display was about the art and history of the guitar. I learned that a lot of the instrument’s history is unknown or difficult to trace. For example: how did the guitar get its curvy shape? We’re not sure! Even the word “guitar” has multiple origins. The exhibit featured many types of guitars and guitar-like instruments, including lutes, an air guitar (the case was empty—hah!), and electric guitars.  

Also on exhibit was Edward Hopper’s final painting, as well as The Raft, a short slow-motion film of people getting suddenly soaked in water.

After the museum we got lunch at the Bookery in downtown Manchester. I’m obsessed with this indie bookstore! It’s so organized, well-curated, really fun to browse. The café in the back is a delicious bonus. I already want to go back!

Hurray Sister Day!